It's all about the kids.

              "My son had such a great time at Kidniks Photo!

He's at the stage where everything is about super heroes.

         He loved being photographed as his favorites!"

                                                                            - Mathew's Mom

"We did both. Some fun photos for my daughter,

             as a princess - Rapunzel in the Tower!

Then we also had some beautiful classic Black & White

         photos done of her, for her dad and me."

                                                                  - Cindy's Mom

The New York Times said our photography was "VERY SUCCESSFUL!"



      At KIDNIKS, we create beautiful children's portraits, in studio, candids, on location, and in both color or classic black & white. But we also add other options that kids love!

      With GREEN SCREEN TECHNOLOGY,  we bring your child to the worlds of their dreams. Their favorite stories come alive, and they are the main characters. Bobby becomes The Hulk, and Rachelle Cinderella. Maybe 2-year old Tommy wants to ride Thomas the Train? We can do it!

Affordable packages & seasonal specials.

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East Midtown/UES Manhattan studios, and location work in the vicinity.

Contact us for questions and appointments at 646-844-4977 or KidniksPhoto@gmail.com


Our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

We have been written up in The New York Times, The NY Post, on NBC TV, and a host of others.

Thank you New York Times!
at kidniks we believe in magic

Wave our magic wand and your child is a pirate!

                          Do it again, and    ...poof!  A super hero.

                           JUST LIKE MAGIC. ALMOST.


At Kidniks, we believe in magic. Then again, we believe in Santa,
the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. And don't even get us started
on those storks! So there's no going by us, we admit.


Fortunately, we also believe in the magic of digital technology.

And we use it to create the the best magic in the world:

                    Putting a smile on the face of children.

We start with costumes, make-up and lighting, like putting on a school play!

The rest is done later, when we place your child into fabulous worlds.

Kidnik's photographer/artist Lance Evans

who is this guy?

Photographer and artist Lance Evans has had great success in many areas of the visual arts. Starting out in Fine Art, he had gallery and museums shows at an early age, and accolades from The New York Times, Art in America, ArtSpeak, NBC-TV and other media coverage.


Lance dabbled in advertising for a short 20 years, producing international campaigns for clients like American Express, Miller Beer, Absolut Vodka, Trojan Brand, Merck, Olive Garden and many others.


As a photographer, he is best known for, and has particular love of portraiture. Lance has produced portraits for both royalty and celebrity. His client list includes legendary Broadway composer Jerry Herman, Princess Von Furstenberg, NY Supreme Court Justice Weissberg, Manhattan Transfer's Janis Siegel, broadcaster Brian Lehrer. You can see his “adult” work at LanceEvans.com.


Like most folks who do kids stuff, he got into it when he had his own kid, and did a lot of practicing with kid and camera, as you can see above.


With Kidniks, Lance brings together the high quality of his years in fine art, and the high-energy and exploding eye-candy of advertising. The result is more than just a photograph, it's a memory, and a smile.


The Story Behind the Name KIDNIKS

People laugh and tell us they love the name Kidniks. We do too! They ask where the name came from. It was a word Lance knew from his own childhood. Coming from a Jewish home where small vestiges of Yiddish still remained, his father would sometimes use words that ended in -nik, which roughly means “person”.


While words like “nudnik” (meaning an annoying person, often jokingly used to describe children) were in common use, -nik could also be appended to other words to create nicknames. Lance's father coined the word “Kidniks” when referring to Lance and his younger brother.


All work copyright Lance Evans 2016.